BTC offers a dynamic environment for fulltime studies with exposure to multiple denominations, cultures and generations. BTC specializes in the classics of Theology as well as in developing practical ministry competency for those serving in missions, youth ministry, or in pastoral service.

High standard teaching staff

BTC has a very high standard in selecting its teaching staff. Starting with the Principal to most of the Heads of departments, the teaching staff have doctoral degrees earned from some of the best universities in the world. We also have speciality teaching staff in the areas of Greek, Hebrew, Missions, Youth, and Pastoral studies. Experience plays as much a role as the academic side of the subjects taught within each of our teacher’s lives. BTC is also proud of its international , multi-cultural and multigenerational staff compliment.

Accredited with the Department of Education

BTC is an accredited College with the Department of Education alongside all other registered Colleges in the private and public sector. This means that our subjects, certificate and degrees are recognised by the registered sector of education. This recognition extends further to many Theological Seminaries and Colleges overseas.

Integrated theological education

BTC has aligned itself with international trending in presenting an integrated theological education. This means that the classical subjects of biblical studies, biblical languages, church history and systematic theology are taught from an Evangelical perspective where the Bible is honoured as the “inspired Word of God” (2 Tim. 3:15). Secondly, there is a further Major subject choice resulting in a professional outcome of competency (Either pastoral, youth, or missions). Thirdly, a significant amount of the curriculum is devoted to personal spiritual development and practical exposure to ministry. These “three integrated” rings form the overall curriculum.

Denominationally based inthe Baptist Union of Southern Africa

BTC is one of the official training Colleges of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa which has a long and respected history in Southern Africa. Most of the BTC teaching staff are also accredited with the Baptist Union Ministry Board and subscribe to the Evangelical statement of faith of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa.

Inter-denominationally connected

BTC is inter-denominationally connected. The specifically Baptist subjects as well as the biblical languages are electives. Someone who does not plan to work within the arena of Baptist ministry does not need to register for a Baptist specific subject.

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