Quality Accredited Theological Education

Our range of study programmes seek to meet the needs of every believer to equip them for ministry at the most appropriate level for them. Our programmes range from higher certificates right through to degrees at postgraduate level. All of our programmes are registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training and accredited by the Council on Higher Education. 


The Higher Certificate in Ministry (HCMin) has a strong focus on pastoral skills and seeks to enrich local church leaders for more effective ministry. This programme offers an understanding of theological and biblical terms, definitions and concepts that influence thinking and basic research ability. The courses are facilitated online and this programme can be completed in one year or at your own pace. 

The Bachelor of Theology (BTh) is a four-year professional degree which grounds students in classical theological subjects at an in-depth level. This programme also includes a strong emphasis on ministry competency through both research as well as practical exposure. This is also the qualification that is required for ministerial recognition in most denominations including the Baptist Union of Southern Africa. 

The Higher Certificate in Theology (HCTh) provides students with a solid biblical and theological foundation for lay ministry within the local church. Students are introduced to the various fields of ministry and gain insights that are contextually relevant to Southern Africa. This programme is particularly well suited for church lay-leaders who are involved in ministry activities but have not yet had any formal training. 

The Master of Theology (MTh) is completed over two or more years and involves intensive research in a chosen field of study. The final product of this degree is a dissertation supervised by a subject expert which is defended through an oral examination. The MTh gives students an opportunity to produce research that is academically credible yet also relevant to the life and ministry of the church.

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBib) programme is a three-year foundational qualification that provides students with thorough biblical and theological knowledge. It also places emphasis on preparation for ministry within a chosen major and seeks to ground students in the development of a healthy relationship with the local church through various exposures and practicals. 


Learn about the truth of God’s Word through each book of the Bible considering themes, historical context and its application.

Learn skills necessary for pastoral ministry within the local church including preaching and caring for people. 

Explore the role Africans played in the development of Christianity and approach contextual issues through a biblical lens. 

Study the doctrines of the Christian faith including God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, humanity, sin, salvation, the church and the end times. 

Be equipped for ministry to children, teenagers and young adults as they navigate our ever-changing world.

Get to know the distinctives of the Baptist tradition and prepare for ministry within the Baptist Union on Southern Africa. 

Learn to study God’s Word in its original languages of Greek and Hebrew as we seek to faithfully understand and apply it.

Look back at the development of the church from the time of Pentecost through to the present day. 

Discover truths and arguments from respected scholars while undertaking your own academic research. 

Discover what God is doing around the world and learn how to reach the nations strategically and effectively. 

Be exposed to ministry on the field through involvement in activities within your local church and beyond. 


Dr Darryl Soal


Dr Terrel Manikam

HOD: Systematic Theology

Dr Walter Maqoma

HOD: Biblical Studies

Rev Megan Braithwaite

HOD: Biblical Languages

Rev Barry Brokensha

Prof Graham Duncan

Graham Shipster

Rev Gavin Johnston

Rev Johan Luface

Rev Gavin Wood

Pholoso Diraditsile

Prof Piff Pereira

Rev Sibusiso Mfeka

Gail Goncalves