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Pursue a Bachelor of Theology or a Masters Degree at our Seminary.


After listening to a profound preacher, you probably have wondered why you never saw what they are able to highlight from a familiar scripture.  Deep insights are a result of deep processing mostly achievable when one has been prepared to.  Post graduate studies introduce students beyond independent writing to critical and original thinking. As a specialist in a specific discipline, the fruit of such an exercise impacts the overall in other disciplines is compelling.  For this reason, I would highly recommend postgraduate studies because of the reflective processes and originality in thinking it contributes which has invaluable benefits for the candidate and future audience.

Dr Sam Ndoga

Bachelor of Theology

The premier programme of the College, designed to further train Christians in the areas of church ministry, cross-cultural missions and youth ministry.

Matriculation or equivalent and the Diploma in Theology or equivalent.

Forty courses / 480 credits total.

Compulsory (4th Level)

First Semester Courses
(January to June)
Second Semester Courses
(July to November)
BBS 415: The Johannine and General Writings BBS 425: The Writings
BST 415: Eschatology BST 425: Christian Theological Ethics
BPM 415: Ministry Track Exposure

Electives (4th Level)

First Semester Courses
(January to June)
Second Semester Courses
(July to November)
BHB 415: Hebrew 2 BHB 425: Hebrew 3
BMS 415: Mission Skills 1 BMS 425: Mission Skills 2
BPS 415: Spiritual & Pastoral Care BPS 425: Church Ministry
BYS 415: Youth Ministry in Age Group Context BYS 425: Youth Ministry in Social Context
BSR 415: Specialised Research BSR 425: Specialised Research
BMR 425: Ministry Research

Master of Theology

Our Masters program is researched based which means it does not interrupt ongoing ministerial engagements.  It also has potential to engage a candidate in areas of ministerial concern whose findings can immediately be incorporated. With options to major in Youth, Pastoral, Biblical and Missions Studies, the candidate has accessto  a specialist’s guidance on a personal level which enables quality input and ensures a good product.  External examiners are then able to independently assess the work and offer a grade that indicates international standards.

The minimum requirement for entry into this M.Th programme is be an Honours degree, or a four-year Bachelor’ degree (480 credits), in a relevant field of study, from a university or Higher Education and Training (HET) Institution, registered with Department of Education.

Applicants will be considered for admission on the basis of the recognition of prior learning and/or experience (RPL/E) – provided that such applicant satisfies the College of their suitability for the degree by means that shall be determined on an individual basis by the post-graduate committee (see RPL/E policy above).

The degree components will be determined by means of a process of consultation between the student and his/her supervisor, and will include prescribed reading, an oral examination/interview and a dissertation. For more information contact

The fields of study available include Old Testament and New Testament Theology, -Biblical Languages, Hermeneutics, Practical Theology and Missions, and allied sub-disciplines. In consultation with the assigned supervising lecturer the student will be required to complete a set research programme as determined, and agreed between the supervisor, the candidate, and the PGC.

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