Bachelor of Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBib) programme is a three-year foundational qualification that provides students with thorough biblical and theological knowledge. It also places emphasis on preparation for ministry within a chosen major and seeks to ground students in the development of a healthy relationship with the local church through various exposures and practicals. This programme can be completed over three years but students are able to extend this time and go at their own pace. 


Semester 1

If you are commencing your studies in Semester 1, which is recommended must not an absolute must, you will register for the following subjects (should you be completing the BBib in 4 years) or some of the subjects in Year 1, with the aim to complete the balance in Year 2.  


First Semester subjects are as follows:

  • The Synoptic Gospels & Acts
  • Intro to Missiology and Church Planting
  • Hermeneutics
  • Youth Ministry
  • Theological Research Methodology and Writing Skills
  • Biblical and Church Residency 1 (which spans two semesters)


Semester 2

When you register for Semester 2, you will again choose to register for all Semester 2 subjects, or choose a few subjects to complete in Year 1, and the balance in Year 2.


Second Semester subjects are as follows:

  • The Pentateuch
  • Overview of Christian Doctrine
  • Introduction to Biblical Languages and Culture
  • Basic Tools for Apologetics Christian Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Homiletics
  • Biblical and Church Residency 1

Case Study

This is a story of 4 students:

Semester 1


  • The Pauline Writings
  • Revelation and God
  • Biblical Greek 1 or Textual Analysis of the New Testament
  • Early Church History
  • Biblical and Church Residency 2


  • Missiology:  Apologetics and Techniques for Evangelism or
  • Pastoral Studies: Pastoral Apologetics and Biblical Worldview or
  • Youth Studies: Youth in Crisis

Semester 2


  • The prophets
  • Humanity, Sin and Christ
  • Biblical Greek 2 or Textual Analysis of the New Testament
  • Later Church History
  • Biblical and Church Residency 2


  • Missiology:  Cultural Anthropology and Developing your Missional IQ or
  • Pastoral Studies: Spiritual Development or
  • Youth Studies: Children’s Ministry and Childhood Development

1st Year

Semester 1
Semester 2
Curriculum Overview

BBS 215 | The Pauline Writings*

BBS 225 | The Prophets*

BST 215 | Revelation & God*

BST 225 | Humanity, Sin & Christ*

BGK 215 | Biblical Greek 1*

BGK 225 | Biblical Greek 2* 

BBL 210 | Textual Analysis of the NT*

BMS 215 | Apologetics & Evangelism

BMS 225 | Cultural Anthropology

BPS 215 | Pastoral Apologetics

BPS 225 | Spiritual Development

BYS 215 | Youth in Crisis

BYS 225 | Children’s Ministry

BCH 215 | Early Church History*

BCH 225 | Later Church History*

BPM 210 | Biblical & Church Residency 2*

2nd Year

3rd Year

BBS 315 | The Johannine & General Writings*

BBS 325 | The Writings*

BST 315 | Salvation, Holy Spirit & Church*

BST 325 | Eschatology*

BHB 315 | Biblical Hebrew 1*

BHB 325 | Biblical Hebrew 2*

BBL 310 | Textual Analysis of the OT*

BMS 315 | World Religions

BMS 325 | Methods, Strategies and Issues

BPS 315 | Theology & Practice of Worship

BPS 325 | Spiritual Direction

BYS 315 | Teenage Ministry

BYS 325| Young Adults Ministry

BBP 315 | Baptist Principles

BPM 310 | Biblical & Church Residency 3*


Matriculation with a National Senior Certificate (or equivalent). Students who are 26 years old or older may be admitted through a Recognition of Prior Learning / Experience application. 


BBib Graduate Attribute Matrix


Students who complete the Bachelor of Biblical Studies (NQF level 7) are able to articulate horizontally (on the same NQF level of study) to similar programmes offered by other institutions or vertically (to the next level of study) into the Bachelor of Theology (NQF level 8) programme within the College. Articulation possibilities for further studies on NQF level 7 or where an NQF level 7 qualification is required for admission into a programme at other accredited institutions are available. 


The application documents and fee structure for this programme can be dowloaded using the buttons below. 

Year 1

Year 2