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Resources produced by faculty, staff, students and pastors within the ‘BTC’ family can be found below.  If you are looking for a specific resource, or would like to make a resource available, please contact the Registrar below.


articles, theses' and other resources

Resonance at Rutba: The relevance of New Monasticism for South AfricaCarl Brook2011/03/01, Download
Improving Pastoral Care in an Urban Intercultural Communication Context in South Africa through Spiritual Transformation from a Biblical Babel/Pentecost PerspectiveDr Darryl Soal2016/08/30, Download
Youth Persevering in Christian Faith in the Midst of Post-Religious Persecution Through a Narrativebased Bible Study of the Book of HebrewsElriza Nortje2019/09/30, , Download
The Role of Scriptures in Formulating Theological Ethics as a Guide for the Church’s Response to the Issues of Abortion in Modern MalawiCharles Justin Mapira2020/01/01,
Towards Active Missions Involvement: An investigation into the prevailing low cross-cultural missions participation among black evangelicals in South AfricaTshepang Basupi2020/09/30, Download
Navigating Multicultural Ministry in the Baptist Union of Southern AfricaDr Darryl Soal2023/10/05, Download
Covid-19, Vaccine Roll-out and the Mark of the Beast: Eliminating Fears in the Church through a Correct Interpretation of Apocalyptic GenreDr Terrel Manikam2024/01/24Download
Integrating People with Disabilities into Church Community Life in South Africa Through a Christocentric Reading and Application of John 5 and 9Dr Terrel Manikam2024/01/24Download
Equipping the Christian church to defend, practice and propagate a Biblical worldview of worship in a pluralistic South AfricaDr Terrel Manikam2024/01/25, , , , Download
The Influence and Function of the Old Testament in the Interpretation of John’s Apocalypse.Guy De Swardt2024/02/02, Download
A Redemptive-Historical Reading of Corporate and Representative Prayer in the Pentateuch: Towards a Covenantal Christopraxis for Baptist ChurchesParmesh Venkatasami2024/05/06, Download
Identity Theft? A Biblical Theological Look at Israel, Jesus, and the ChurchProf Piff Pereira and Parmesh Venkatasami2024/05/06Download